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This flag represents the Mayan people of Central America. The fabric is made from two antique Huipils, meaning blouse, which is the traditional square-shaped hand woven shirt that Mayan women wear. According to wikipedia the patterns woven into the fabric represent the woman's village, her marital status and even her beliefs. Usually the garment is made from three panels which are woven separately on a back strap loom then stitched together. Not a scrap of preciously made cloth is wasted. Then the garment is decoratively stitched and ornamented with ribbons. The stars are represented by small cornhusk worry dolls. According to Mayan folklore the dolls are used to get a good night's sleep. Usually they are for children but it certainly can't hurt to try them out. Tell the doll all of your worries and then tuck it under your pillow the doll will carefully watch your worries overnight and maybe even solve them. © 2008 Buy your worry people at Mayan Fair Trading: