E Pluribus

US art flags that celebrate diversity in the USby Muriel Stockdale

Muriel Stockdale’s series of US art flags are made from materials that represent the multicultural patchwork quilt of US society today.

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Out of Many, ONE

Community Art at Charlotte’s Place to honor the tenth anniversary of 9/11by Muriel Stockdale and Jennifer Chinn

In 2011 Muriel Stockdale and Jennifer Chinn led a community art project two blocks south of where the World Trade Towers once stood to honor the tragedy of ten years earlier. People from the local and distant communities participated. Tourists, local business people and construction workers, children, police and Trinity Church members all came together to create one diverse United States Flag with their hands. They contributed fabrics of special cultural of family meaning, spent time cutting and gluing and traced their hands and those of their families so that many hands came together to form this beautiful 8 foot by 12 foot flag. The flag hangs today at the Parish Place on the corner of Rector and Greenwich Streets which is open daily during the week from 12 to 5.

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