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One of the most interesting aspects of this project is discovering the significance of symbols I use for the flags. I learned that talit means little tent and that it represents a sacred private space where one may commune with God. What an exquisite thought especially when you think that you may be traveling or in the desert. After all isn't our relationship with our God a totally private and personal affair? The symbols in place of the stars on the US flag are sacred Jewish symbols representing "States of Grace". The Star of David which according to Wikipedia may also be referred to as the Shield of David seems to be recognized as a Jewish symbol a few hundred years BCE. Some say this hexagram refers to David's astrological chart. I personally think that it has a more profound esoteric reference to the geometric form of the human light body which is known as the merkavah and is referred to in mystical Qabbalah texts as a sacred chariot. Another symbol in the "State of Grace" field is the Hamsa (literally Arabic for five). This is a symbol sacred to many peoples and may also be known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam. It seems to represent a hand of fearlessness when the fingers are pointing up and a hand of blessings or luck when the fingers are pointing down. The third sacred symbol in the star field is the Chai (according to wikipedia pronounced xai) and this is a symbol of life. © 2008