All of the original flags are for sale with the exception of the Native American Flag. To inquire about purchase, please contact us.


Here is the first flag in the series. Traditional Scottish Tartan wools lend themselves very naturally to this exercise of celebration and the success of this flag has spurred the creation of more. Three separate tartans make up this flag, one red, one white and one blue. I am not sure which regional tartans they are but yet again the theme of tribal recognition via patterns in clothing is apparent. All tartans are plaids but not all plaids are tartans. Tartans are made with the same sequence of colors in both the warp and the weft creating evenly squared blocks of color. Sporran which means pouch is a container that hangs on the front of the Scottish man's kilt attached to his belt. There are no pockets in a kilt. The sporran sports tassels much like the ones on the flag which were created from jewelry findings to simulate the traditional look. © 2004