About the Project

Muriel Stockdale’s United States flag series, E Pluribus, expresses the many colors of patriotism found everyday in the United States, which is perhaps the most diverse culture in the world. Muriel’s flags are exquisitely hand crafted in the USA from typical fabrics representing diverse cultures that make up this American mosaic.

As an immigrant, Muriel is awed by the harmonious co-existence of Americans who celebrate their freedom in all possible ways. This country was created by dissension and protest against oppression and out of that the people forged superb documents and mandates that guarantee freedom and hope for all people. In the United States of America patriotism is multifaceted, multicolored and multidimensional; here is a series of surprising US Flags that invite a broader look at what patriotism is and can be in the future.

The flags are not intended as an expression of American imperialism but merely as a celebration of diversity and harmony among all people living here in the United States.

The Artist and the E Pluribus series of original diverse American Flags are available for art shows, multicultural celebrations, speaking events, teaching engagements, political discussions and inspirational seminars or wildly creative workshops. As a long time instructor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Design Department, Muriel has accumulated skill in assisting artists to find their visual voice.

It is the mission of this project to speak out and celebrate diverse America and especially to point out equality within gorgeous difference of expression. Only by recognizing each other within our rights to be different may we restore hope and freedom for all people.

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The Great Seal

Many think that the motto E Pluribus Unum was chosen to refer only to the uniting of the first 13 states of North America. However, according to records from the first committee appointed by Congress on July 4th, 1776, E Pluribus Unum referred also – and perhaps more importantly – to the 6 countries from which the States were peopled: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland and Germany. This concept “Out of Many, One” is more relevant than ever now, considering that people from all over the planet make up the citizenry of the United States today.

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Muriel is continuing to make more flags and is always looking for new ideas as to what might best represent the different cultures coexisting in the USA. To participate please contact Muriel Stockdale.